Friday, July 14, 2017

it seems ive dropped off the map, i havent

im occupied working out presenting a homebrew methodology for independent SIGINT research. the -capture- and initial analysis portion of the field, not the digital decoding. thats not my specialty. i wont even pretend to be godlike there.
my experiences cataloging the worlds peskies has taught a lot on how to rig up an efficient workstation from reception to the cataloging itself.

oh the cataloging...

hundreds upon hundreds of 3x5 cards, man. cross-referenced by color chart.
like a resistor code. i will walk a user through my own setup and how to dramatically improve ones ability to process mass amounts of information like a professional SIGINT spook. that was absolutely dumb sounding. with therapy you will come to forgive me, but you will walk away more efficient with the time you spend with your gear, for sure.

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